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  • After School
    I found this kids going home from school. I started photographing them. They kept looking back at me as I followed them to their home.
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  • Boy on Steps
    I was interested in how proudly he stood in front of his house.
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  • Screened Porch
    It's a hot summer day. The boy looks out as though he is separated from the activity that goes on behind him.
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  • Sitting on Overpass
    He sits on the overpass just killing time on this hot summer day as the cars go by beneath.
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  • Water Street
    A truck with a partial load of bushel barrel tops is parked along a street near Market Place, empty but for a lone pedestrian in the distance as the day draws to a close.
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  • Boy in Front of Fire Call Box
    The boy stands near the Araber's produce cart after purchasing corn.
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  • Drunk
    The drunk was sitting on the corner in the middle of the day, trying to regain his senses.
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  • Bananas
    Transferring produce - a stage in the network of the transportation system.
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  • Arabers at Market Place
    The Arabers load their trucks and carts before going through the neighborhoods with their produce.
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  • Child and mellons
    A young child, a bit small to actively help in loading the truck, apparantly growing into the Araber tradition
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  • Sitting on Watermellon
    He found a convenient place to rest and get out of the sun.
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  • Black and White
    I was struck by the contrast in this scene of mellon vendors - the three white guys with their truck almost empty parked along side of ths one black guy with his stand of mellons almost untouched. While I didn't want to jump to conclusions without knowing more of what had been happening, the contrast between the two was quite stricking.
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  • Resting on Sacks filled with Potatoes
    This fellow was taking a break from loading up sacks of potatoes.
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  • Watermellons along the Waterfront
    The area around Market Place and the Waterfront used to be a center for wholesale produce marketing.
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  • Ripe Mellons
    The cut mellon shows how ripe the others are. But socializing seems to take precedence over sales.
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Baltimore - 1958

In 1958, at age 16, I would walk about areas of Baltimore, finding images that I was drawn to and needed to record. Some 40 years later, Dean Krimmel, a Baltimore historian, used a 'fire insurance' map from 1954 to identify the location where I stood to record about 50 percent of the pictures. I went back to these locations. Several of the places were torn down and rebuilt, no longer having any resemblance to the original scene. But even for the places that were recognizable, the feeling of the original photographs was completely absent. These images represent an immutable intersection of time and space.

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Baltimore - 1958
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